Did you know that

less than 10% of companies in Finland are growing?


Yes, it’s true – Less than 10% of companies in Finland are growing

What can we do? Y-kampus trains students with an entrepreneurial mindset, but we realized we also need to train students with a growth mindset and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and awareness that they need to not only start a company but grow and thrive.

It’s multidisciplinary – Diversity breeds innovation, and Growthmakers is committed to living this out. Students come from all 3 Tampere university campuses, multiple countries, and a variety of fields of study.

We need to support business growth NOW - while in training, Growthmaker students work with local companies, using the cutting-edge knowledge they are gaining in the course to help the companies reach their growth and/or internationalization goals

It’s about the ecosystem – Growthmakers brings an entrepreneurial mindset and startup skills to larger, more established companies. Our events connect everyone - students, staff, startups, and growing companies - to grow our networks and equip the local ecosystem to grow.


Credits – Successful completion of Growthmakers provides students with 30 ECTS. Learn more about the academics.

International Travel – Growthmakers teams take at least one learning journey to a global hotspot of innovation and growth. Our partner companies can also benefit from the networks that we build during these journeys.

It’s not just for business students – Anybody is welcome in Growthmakers. Your experience in your industry enriches our experience!

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur – the knowledge and skills that Growthmaker trains is useful for EVERYONE, whether you want to be an entrepreneur, manager, CEO, or simply win the game of life.