Growth Hacking definition

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking. Before Monday, I had no idea what it was. The word sounded more like putting some JavaScript into my calla lily than something I could use professionally, even though my calla needs all the help it can get. But have no fear; even if you’ve never heard of Growth Hacking, you probably know some companies that have been using it, such as Airbnb. After the grand opening of Tribe Tampere, Y-kampus and Growthmaker's Growth Hacking Event Series, Anssi Rantanen from Growth Tribe had enlightened me.

To me, Growth Hacking is something very interdisciplinary. Growth Tribe had a very good picture what this T-shaped growth hacker’s knowledge map would look like:

Growth hackers have 2-3 skills that they are specialized in, but wide knowledge of several things. With this combination of talents, they can dip their spoon into many soups and stir things up. After that, growth gets on the menu.

Essentially, Growth Hacking disrupts the walls between marketing, data analysis and coding. When there are no rigid structures and people know what their colleagues are talking about, fast-paced innovation bubbles up. And those teams, as Anssi Rantanen from Growth Tribe put it, “get sh#t done!”.

Growth hackers also get deeper into the “Pirate Funnel” (which has got to be one of the best names in the history of time). They don’t just bring people to the threshold like a lot of digital marketers do, but get to know every step of the customer experience.

The one takeaway from Anssi Rantanen's presentation would definitely be testing. Spray that paper with ideas, rank them, evaluate and then test the best. Usually you get one idea, cherish it and then take it into practice. In Growth Hacking, it's no mercy for any idea as they walk the plank at the pace of a treadmill. You can't really predict the winners before testing, so you need to grow your arsenal of options. As you raise the number of ideas, you also raise the likelihood of striking gold. Growth Hacking doesn't have the magical ability to immediately solve every issue you might have. It’s just simple maths of probability and the practice of strategically innovating to crack the problem.

Growth Hacking is everyday marketing of the future that you can start doing today. Growth Hacking is having the mindset of the one-man band from Aladdin. You can execute your vision right now, by yourself, or with a Growth Team if you're in a bigger company. Just remember to water your lily so it won’t die while you’re busy hacking away.

Elina Lumppio